Latest SFLC results

My November blood sample has just been analysed and the result shows another fall in Lambda Serum Free Light Chains (SFLC) which is good news.  The October result was 71 and the latest result is 51.5. 

Update – My Amyloid Symptoms

Did I know something was wrong before diagnosis? Looking back several small things happened but I thought they weren’t significant at the time.  I had just stopped playing competitive football on Saturday’s but carried on with sport like squash, 5-a-side, biking home from work (12 miles) etc.  I noticed about Sept 07, that at times [...]

Response to treatment

After 5 cycles of the CTD my response has been positive. In a nutshell the free light chains (SFLC) have reduced significantly, my level of albumin has increased and my kidneys are now showing signs of leaking less protein. I have been lucky as some people do not respond but they told me there are [...]

My condition and treatment

My main organs that are affected are my kidneys and my heart. I am having monthly check ups at my local hospital and whilst there I also send off bloods to London for both AA and AL analysis (as my tests showed evidence of both). The idea of the chemo is to suppress the plasma [...]

Story so far

In March 08 I went into hospital and was treated for pneumonia and had fluid drained from around my lung but blood and urine tests showed other problems. Over the next two weeks I was poked and prodded and underwent a kidney biopsy, and a bone marrow biopsy.  Eventually the consultants concluded that I had [...]