I’m out! Unbelievable. On Sunday my blood counts were good and especially my neurophils (cells that fight infection) were 1.3 after two days at 0.90 and 0.91.  This was just enough along with other markers to say you can go today.  Strangely wasn’t that estatic purely because I still felt quite low and a little [...]

Neurophils are on the up!

My Neurophils are on the up! I’m so pleased because this means the bone marrow transplant has worked. Get in.  Pen and I were in tears when they told me. They will monitor these new white cells along with BP  and water retention over next 2 to 3 days. If all goes well could go [...]

Tuesday Morning (16th)

Hi folks, I’m still here but been through a few low days when to be honest, all I’ve done is try to sleep. I’m in what they call the ‘nadar period’ which I’m told  means that you have no white cells etc. This is scary because you can pick up infections easily. My problems have [...]

Saturday 13th March

7 days since the stem cells were received and chances of infection are high therefore level of isolation  is very important. Main symptoms are: sickness,  diarrhea, lack of appetite, sore dry mouth,  swollen cheeks, aching all over, dry skin and feeling tired. The doctors and nurses are great and they have an arsenal of drugs [...]

Sunday – 7/3/10

Day 5 – stem cells are back in . Cool. The room smells of sweet corn (I’m told) due to the cell preservative! The days are going very slowly and there are some really tough bits but keep thinking of the goal to shut it out. Fantastic to see my two daughters yesterday. It’s so [...]