Time for more Chemo

Hi, just to give you the heads up on my next treatment – which I will start on my return from summer hols at the start of August.  I knew this was coming due to the monthly monitoring of my Lambda light chains.

Since coming off my last Chemo treatment (cVd) in November following forty weeks, my light chains have been steadily rising.  My clone of plasma cells appear to be really sensitive to any drugs but also predictably relapse fairly quickly (18 to 24 months between treatments.

Seriously annoying.  However, I seem to recover quickly and still lead a normal life so hey ho.  This next treatment is called Revlimid which is a maintenance drug (life time drug) and I’m told by the Doc that hopefully I will tolerate this well and can continue with work, rest and play.  fingers crossed,

I’ll let you know how I go in September after a months worth!

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