Good Results on Revlimid

hi, just had my first light chain result and it has reduced by40% from 97 to 60.  This was taken after the end of my first cycle.

Im pleased with that but not been as easy as I Was hoping as the various ‘anti’ drugs and the steroids make you feel unsettled for best part of the week.  No pain no gain I suppose.  The Doc has reduced my steroids for the second cycle and removed the anti blood clot drug (dalteparin) which has helped.  The aim is to get down to just the Revlimid in a couple of months and this can also be reduced to 5 mg’s (currently on 25mg’s).

I’m continuing to work (from home) as I can be a grumpy old toad but dressed down as opposed to suited and booted and trying to pretend to smile when I feel rotten.  Hopefully the symptoms will ease as I reduce the drugs but the main thing I suppose is that the stuff is working.  Not heard anymore about further involvement in the new clinical drug trial but hope all is going well.  They were certainly ecstatic about the initial phase results of the trial.

Waiting to hear if any cardiac patients have experienced amyloid removal and/or increased organ performance following amyloid removal. Fingers crossed,

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