Maintentnanece Chemo Progress after 3 Cycles

When I first started this latest treatment (knowing it was kinda a lifetime approach) I was very anxious that it worked but also allowed me to enjoy a good quality of life.

By this, I personally mean that I could do all activities with the family, long dog walks, play golf on a regular basis and go to work.

So when I started taking the drugs and was nowhere near achieving my aim I was very frustrated.  My consultant said I was being to judgemental too quickly and time was needed for my body system to settle down and it will get better.

To cut a long story short it has got better but still not settled into what I consider a long term state of wellness for me.

On Friday, I went for my latest review and discovered that two important aspects were not right as yet.  My Kidney performance was dropping and my light chains were not trending downwards as hoped.

We have adjusted the drug regime several times over the first 3 cycles (stopping the steroids, reducing the Lenalidomide strength) in our quest to find the right amount of treatment to work but also give me the quality of life I am looking for.

It appears that the normal cycle of 3 weeks on and 1 week off is not working for me as my immunity system gets too low during the course of the treatment and has so far required an extra week off (3 on, 2 off) everytime.  My pneurophils are usually at 0.5 at the end of week 4, which leaves me very vulnerable to infection as not many white cells to protect me.

The Doc says that it is still too early to make a call on if the treatment will be the long term solution as need 4-6 months.

Our solution is that he will discuss variations of treatment with London NAC and see what rabbit they can pull out of the hat.

Fingers crossed as my family need me firing on all cyclinders and my Golf handicap is also trending badly upwards !

speak soon Phil


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