4th Cycle and Starting to Rock

Maybe a little premature but following several results where my Lambda light chains have not been responding I finally have a result to celebrate,as the latest result is down in the 40′s from the 90′s.

Big drop for a single month especially as we have kept the Revlimid at 10mg’s and introduced the dreaded steroids but only at one-a-day (2mg’s).

My best Christmas present by far. ┬áSo having visited London and local hospital recently, I’m hoping the trend can continue.

The other good news from Lomdon, is that following a sneaky 15 minutes with the lead nurse on the new drug trial, which I participated in, two good things came out: 1. They have secured funding to expand the research including other countries to balance the different types of people and also, 2. That they will be inviting me back towards the end of 2016 to participate in another dosing session – that is if the fantatstic progress continues on this incredible research journey.

speak again soon,

remember, ‘it’s the thought that counts’ with your mind and body system so sync them continually in a positive manner, and get the chemistry flowing,

Happy New Year everyone,

cheers Phil

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