My Latest Treatment Feeling Like a ride on Nemesis

Hi, previous results around Christmas were quite promising and my Lambda Light Chains has come down significantly  (75 – 45) and as this is the first marker I look for I was feeling really positive.  However, the next number at the do of Jan was back up to pre December.   Now I know from my work that you don’t treat 2 numbers as special and need to see real process capability from at least 10-15 points, but couldn’t help being disappointed.  The data from previous chemo regimes has always trended consistently down once taking effect whereas this time it is bouncing around like Winnie Poh’s Tigger!

My Kidney markers are also lower/ worse but this could be a secondary effect of the increased amyloid in the system.  My kidneys are now at stage 3b (chronic) from Stage 2 last month.  I’m told not to worry here as they will recover a bit when SFLC’s are under control.  My proteinuria is elevated also and I’ m leaking 2.0g from 1.3g.  Howeve when first diagnosed this was at 12g/litre so massively reduced.  It has also been completely removed to negligible so must try harder is my end of year comment.

Update is very data based but this is hard evidence so cannot be ignored, however I’m determined to add the power of my mind to encourage my body system to respond naturally and kick the hell out of the amyloid producing plasma cells, BAM in Batman terms.

Symptoms are fairly managable at the moment but the hand cramps are getting a bit worse lately (probably due to Revlimid) so drinking a bit more tonic water (quinine) which is supposed to help,

Fingers crossed for end of Feb results,

cheers Phil

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