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My name is Phil and I live in the UK (Staffordshire). I’m now in my 40′s, married to a special wife and have two wonderful daughters. Sport has always been a passion of mine. So in a way my exercise, I thought, would look after my health along with a good basic diet. After my school years my health probably suffered as I discovered drink, parties and generally growing up (as you do) without too much care for consequences etc. I started smoking with friends at about 14 yrs old and by the time I was 21 yrs old, my fitness was probably not good, compared to what it was (but normal I suppose for this era of life). Having a kick around in the park one day, huffing and puffing chasing this bag of wind, really made me stop and reflect on how unfit I’d become. I stopped smoking immediately but for the next 3/4 years still didn’t change much else.

Eventually at 25 , I decided to get back on track and get myself fit again so started playing football for a local team. Over the next 15 years I have once again played lots of sport and felt as though my fitness and health were pretty good.

Imagine my shock when in March 2008, I was admitted to hospital and three weeks later diagnosed with systemic AL amyloidosis. Didn’t mean much to me to start with but started to realise that running around as before would start to become a little more difficult.

This blog is my experience so far with my new health challenge.

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  1. YOU GO BOY!!! – Looking forward to seeing your updates and your positive recovery. Big love to you all and kisses to Tilly xxx

  2. we think you are great and coping so well with your illness.we know you will get better through positive thinking and doing all you can yourself.keep positive and remember we are all with you.

    lots of love to you,Penny,girls and of course Tilly xxxxx

  3. hi Phil,

    just found your blog I think its great that you are being so positive and pro-active. My father and aunt both have amyloidosis (familial) the hereditary form, which I believe is even rarer! my mum does a great job of caring for my dad, and we all pull together as a family to support him and each other.

    onward and upward hey.


  4. HI Phil,

    We have only met a couple of time but i wish you well and an amazed how positive you are, keep thinkin in this way and you will soon be up and about doing all the things you did before.
    All credit to you keep well.

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