Results of Clinical Trial Drug following assessment

Hi, just back from Lomdon where I have been undergoing assessment to see what my organs and general health were doing in comparison to pre-dosing of the new Antibody SAP drug.  To summarise so far, the trial started back

Chemo Number 3 Update

3rd Blast of Chemo has now come to an end so we’ll have to wait and see how good this latest cocktail is!! I managed 4 cycles of Cyclophosamide, Velcade and Dexamethazone or cVd for short, and finished this on the 5th December 2012. The Docs wanted to give me a few more doses but [...]

My condition and treatment

My main organs that are affected are my kidneys and my heart. I am having monthly check ups at my local hospital and whilst there I also send off bloods to London for both AA and AL analysis (as my tests showed evidence of both). The idea of the chemo is to suppress the plasma [...]

Story so far

In March 08 I went into hospital and was treated for pneumonia and had fluid drained from around my lung but blood and urine tests showed other problems. Over the next two weeks I was poked and prodded and underwent a kidney biopsy, and a bone marrow biopsy.  Eventually the consultants concluded that I had [...]