My Latest Treatment Feeling Like a ride on Nemesis

Hi, previous results around Christmas were quite promising and my Lambda Light Chains has come down significantly  (75 – 45) and as this is the first marker I look for I was feeling really positive.  However, 

4th Cycle and Starting to Rock

Maybe a little premature but following several results where my Lambda light chains have not been responding I finally have a result to celebrate,

Maintentnanece Chemo Progress after 3 Cycles

When I first started this latest treatment (knowing it was kinda a lifetime approach) I was very anxious that it worked but also allowed me 

Good Results on Revlimid

hi, just had my first light chain result and it has reduced by

Time for more Chemo

Hi, just to give you the heads up on my next treatment – which I will start on my return from summer hols at the start of August.  I knew this