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Hi all, quick update: Drug Trial – They are really pleased with the results.  My dose was considerably lower

Results of Clinical Trial Drug following assessment

Hi, just back from Lomdon where I have been undergoing assessment to see what my organs and general health were doing in comparison to pre-dosing of the new Antibody SAP drug.  To summarise so far, the trial started back

Day 42 Tests

hi, back down the smoke for a week long set of tests.  Have to visit Quintiles, Heart Hosp and NAC to get post dosing data for the scientists to study.  

Back Home after Session 1 Dosing

Well, it’s been a long and strange month of tests, first human trial drug participation but I’m still ticking.  The results won’t be known until

Waiting for SAP Depletion Results

Hi, getting close now to completing my Inpatient stay at  Addenbrookes which has been a total success based on my experience but obviously will not