Time for more Chemo

Hi, just to give you the heads up on my next treatment – which I will start on my return from summer hols at the start of August.  I knew this Read more »

Latest News

Hi all,

quick update:

Drug Trial – They are really pleased with the results.  My dose was considerably lower Read more »

Results of Clinical Trial Drug following assessment

Hi, just back from Lomdon where I have been undergoing assessment to see what my organs and general health were doing in comparison to pre-dosing of the new Antibody SAP drug.  To summarise so far, the trial started back Read more »

Day 42 Tests

hi, back down the smoke for a week long set of tests.  Have to visit Quintiles, Heart Hosp and NAC to get post dosing data for the scientists to study.   Read more »

Back Home after Session 1 Dosing

Well, it’s been a long and strange month of tests, first human trial drug participation but I’m still ticking.  The results won’t be known until Read more »